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Here we go again Deerstockers!

Today (Sunday 30 November) is the first meeting since the fantastic success of Deerstock 2014.

There has been so much happening since the event I think I may need a few Scoops of Kronenbourg to keep the throat lubricated.


We have been shortlisted for an award by the UK Festival awards alongside such giants as Secret Garden Party & Festival number 6. I think we have been shooting above our weight but the stars are there to shoot at!


We have also got through the first phase of a grant from Notts County Council to help with our side project Pixiestock, a festival in a festival for disabled and disadvantaged children.

Fingers crossed on this as we really want to expand the event next year.


The new site presented us with a few challenges which we will be discussing today at

The Oak, No water on site being the first one to resolve as poor old Ollie had to take the donated bowser to the farm three times to fill it up and it took over three hours to fill, the poor fella was caught falling asleep several times by the farmer lol.


I am going to discuss trying to get more help with donations of equipment and cash from sponsors to ease the burden on our tin of coffers to ultimately raise more funds for our beneficiaries.


Quite fortunately one of our beneficiaries Reach UK ( a facility for adults with learning difficulties and accident traumas) have offered us Four marquees for the weekend which is a great help to us we also hope some of their clients will perform at the event.


The response from bands has been incredible, we only have 40 slots and I think at the last count we had 300 applicants!


We also sold out of Early Bird tickets within the first month of them being online!


Looking forward to see what today brings





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