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Volunteering at Festivals

So many festivals, so many opportunities.

Take Glastonbury for example, if you are reading this, then it is likely you have experienced that F5 nightmare at some point, possibly hung-over, which only adds to the misery when you are unsuccessful in securing that ticket to complete your festival initiation.

So what do you do now? Wait until the resale in April and go through the same pain staking activity of hope you are still recovering from six months later? Or find a way to get in that doesn’t involve jumping the fence?

Wait! There are other festivals out there! Don’t get me wrong, Glastonbury is a GREAT event and some say the “Mecca of festivals”, but the same amount of fun can be had elsewhere. Being squashed against a sweaty stranger or free to swing your arms, what do you prefer? Hitting those 10,000ish capacity events can be just as enjoyable especially if you like to see the band you are watching rather than the TV screen!

Volunteers are just as important as the paid staff

Festivals and other large scale events rely on a huge workforce to operate successfully. Not only just to fulfil various roles but also to ensure they remain financially sustainable.

This workforce is made up using thousands of volunteers.

From litter pickers to wrist banding, general information to marshalling, event to build the event in some cases: Without volunteers, most events (if not all) would not be able to function properly.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Hate camping on top of others or being miles away? Staff camping is usually in a prime spot.
  • Cleaner toilets and showers (well, less used)
  • A chance to see the festival before anyone else
  • Opportunity to see behind the scenes and places most paying customers do
  • Not having to shell out on a festival ticket
  • Something a bit different to do during the summer
  • Meet new people and increasing your networks

It can sometimes be hard work, but it is rewarding and fun, and will set you up ready for the big bad world…of having a great time J

Here are a few organisations you might want to check out: ActionAid, Festaff, Festaxi, Green Stewards, Hotbox Events, Oxfam, Peppermint Bars, Seed Staff

What is the best festival job?

There are loads of opportunities to get involved behind the scenes of a festival.

Bar work is great fun and sometimes pays, finding work with on-site caterers can also be a great way to earn while enjoying a festival.

You get to interact well with people whilst stewarding events. Litter picking is crucial to keeping the event clean and looking like a nice place to enjoy the festivities, and can count towards those “green” credentials.


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