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Adult Face Painting at Festivals

Adult face painting, and body painting is fast becoming big business.  It has always amused me how little coaxing us adults need to get into the world of make believe.  Just look at Halloween.  I’m sure the adults enjoy it even more than the children!

image001.jpgAnd I do wonder if we are playing make believe even more so, now that times are financially difficult for so many of us.  It sees to me that we will take any excuse to get away from our day to day lives.  And I don’t see anything wrong with that. (Well as a face painter I wouldn’t would I?)  I particularly love face painting at festivals, where all the customers are so vibrant and full of life.  It seems that being in a costume brings down the barriers, and we feel more inclined to smile at each other, and maybe even hug each other.  Complete strangers will chat away as though they’ve known each other from behind the safety of face paint.  You could argue that they are hiding behind a mask, but I think otherwise.  I think the designs we choose to have painted on our faces, say so much about our character.  I think maybe we are exposing more of ourselves than we are hiding, and that we are letting our inner child out for a while.  Which I think, can only be a good thing.’


Donna Mcghie Art & Murals by Donna Mcghie

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