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Beach Breaks


How do I add my festival or event?

To add your festival or event to the calendar, please click here

How do I edit or change my event?

To edit your event or change the details, please log in to your control panel here

How do I change the start or end date of my event?

The start & end date of events is disabled by default. To change the date, please create a new event by logging in to your control panel here and click the 'new event' option.

How long does it take for my new event to appear in the calendar?

We receive many events each year and it takes time to check, approve and process each entry. The average waiting time is 3-4 weeks. You can bypass the waiting list by purchasing either the 'Fast Track' or 'Featured Festival' upgrade packages which will process your event application within minutes. To purchase either package please log in here to edit your event.

I'm having problems adding my event photo/image?

Please ensure all images are a valid file type (jpeg, png or gif). Your image also needs to be less than 2mb in filesize. If you're still having problems please try adding your event without an image and we can add it manually later.

How can I advertise on this website?

To advertise on this website please take a look at our festival kit page.

How can I sell tickets to my event online?

Selling tickets online is easy, simply create your event here and during the process you'll be asked if you'd like to sell your tickets on this website. Events that sell tickets also benefit from free additional promotion to help boost sales via our dedicated ticket page, festival newsletters and social media pages.

You can also sell tickets online by setting up an account with EventBrite. Once you've created an event you can then log in to enter your EventBrite link into the ticket web address box.

What are the costs for selling tickets?

Our service fees are simple: 6% of the ticket cost + 50p per transaction, PayPal payments charge 3.4% + 20p per transaction.


When do event organisers get paid?

Approximately 10-14 days following the event the total ticket sales are calculated and the event organiser is sent the funds minus fees via PayPal or cheque. We will contact you to process your payment.

How do the festival goers receive their tickets?

Once a ticket has been purchased via PayPal, the event organiser will receive an email containing the name, address, email and tickets ordered for the purchaser. The event organiser can then post out the tickets directly. Alternatively, you can allow the purchaser to use their PayPal payment confirmation as proof of purchase/e-ticket.