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Starts: 6th Aug 2011

Small music festival opposite Houses of Parliament on a boat!


Festival Name


Start Date

6th Aug 2011

End Date

6th Aug 2011


Tamesis Dock, Vauxhall, LONDON

Line Up

Black Tie White Noise, Jeanette Skoberg, Astroboy Can Save the Planet


Festivals. These days they’re all too expensive, over-hyped and miles away. Long gone are the days when they were the reserve of the dedicated, passionate music-lover. Remember when festivals felt like genuine events, not just annual products controlled by bland phone companies, ever blander radio stations and ‘haircut’ TV channels? Great wasn’t it. And it shall be again.

Finnstock, a festival running since 2009, is back with vigour in August 2011. Set on the Thames - how many other festivals can say that? NONE! - all the best up-and-coming London bands will be there. With a capacity of just 200, you’ll be at the heart of a festival put on by a group of people who live for music. A group of people looking to get back to how it used to be, to showcase the best music for only the most passionate fans.

Kicking off at 1pm and running until 2am, Finnstock has everything any festival-goer needs. Even a BBQ.

And there’s no need for wellies!

Tickets are available now at just £7.50 from Tamesis Dock, Vauxhall.


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