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DaveFest III

Starts: 17th Apr 2015

We're back for more, and so should you be!


Start Date

17th Apr 2015

End Date

19th Apr 2015


Lower Lode Inn, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire (It's a lovely scenic place)


Solid Gone, Purple Flavoured Death, King Solomon, Son of John, Damon T, Opusweed, It's a Smalley World


Again there is a DaveFest in April of 2015! We have been running this festival for 2 years now, and with great success so are doing it once more. DaveFest is a festival held in the enchanting surrounding area of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. We have music, graffiti artists, pipe-making, poetry reading, interesting topics of a physical, metaphysical, and spiritual inclinations for all to enjoy.

The festival itself is in memory of our friend who took his own life, David Lord, and we have found that celebrating his life through the method of a festival is indeed an excellent and fun way to meet, befriend, and assist people in their exploration into the realms of DaveFest. Moustaches are indeed optional, though they are preferred on both men and women, this doesn't exclude children or animals so feel free to make your dogs hirsute to suit the ethos of the weekend. Please also ensure that your biscuits, coffee, and cheese are well hidden from the thieving Basset Hound, and the ferryman; both can be extremely strange after the consumption of such products.

Camping is available, and the cost of the festival is merely a suggested donation of £10 to help with the running of the event, and so we can make it bigger and better in the future! Trousers are also optional, "extreme steamtraining" will commence during the dancing and merriment stage of the musical side of the festival. For more information on exactly what this entails just come along and be surprised.


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