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Midsommar Weekender

Starts: 23rd Jun 2017

A three day boutique festival taking the traditions of Midsommar and giving them a stylish new twist


Start Date

23rd Jun 2017

End Date

25th Jun 2017


Ahus, Sweden


Floating Points, Zebra Katz, Flyte, El Perro Del Mar


In partnership with Absolut and festival pioneers GFC, Midsommer Weekender is a 3-day, boutique festival near Ã…hus in southern Sweden. A modern and progressive take on Swedish Midsommer, this intimate festival takes place on a 16th Century estate and combines the latest in contemporary music, art, food and cocktails.

Taking the age-old Swedish tradition and filling it with a spark of new and exciting energy.
On the 23rd of June Midsommer Weekender opens the doors for people all around the world to come and experience the proudest and most unique Swedish holiday.

Around the world, Midsommar or Solstice has been celebrated since the 12th century. As one of the most traditional pagan rituals, Midsommar celebrates the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere.

More than anywhere, the celebration is a huge part of society in the Nordic states where the short, dark days of winter are forgotten and replaced with the warm light-filled days and the fruits and harvests of summer.

In Sweden, Midsommar is a core tradition. And across the globe, Swedes celebrate by coming together to dance, share food and, of course, drinks.


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