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Boomtown Fair

Starts: 10th Aug 2022

The largest theatrically immersive festival experience on Earth


Start Date

10th Aug 2022

End Date

14th Aug 2022


Matterley Estate


Astrix, Avalon, Candi Station, Caravan Palace, Flogging Molly, Hilight Tribe, Kano, Noisia, Outsiders, Vini Vici, Waio


Boomtown is a five-day festival in Hampshire, it's become one of the UK's largest independent festivals since it was founded in 2009.

Each year there is a new 'chapter' to the Boomtown story, which incorporates a new story and adventure. Hundreds of actors help to bring the film-like streets to life and help to create a truly immersive storyline to lead you around the festival.


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